The City of Beaumont continues to be an outstanding public sector advocate and investor in the revitalization of downtown Beaumont. 

  • Newly rebuilt brick sidewalks throughout all of downtown.

  • $23 million aesthetic improvements to Calder Avenue, one of the leading entryways into downtown Beaumont.

  • $10 million for the Event Centre, which is located at 700 Crockett St. The Event Centre includes a lake with beautiful fountain to the east, and a great lawn with walking trail to the west.

  • $2.5 million expansion of the Tyrrell Historical Library

  • Beautiful Mountain Skate Park near the Event Centre.


The Rotary Club Centennial Playground at 600 Crockett Street adds yet another addition to the new Event Centre complex. This playground is accesible to all children, and is a wonderful way to attract younger folks to downtown Beaumont


Private Investment in downtown is exceptional. Cathedral Square on Trinity Street is one of downtown's most important developments. Several restaurants are located within the same block of 26 newly constructed lofts. One of the buildings used for these lofts was a historic building. See "Living in Downtown" for more information about this area.


Edison Plaza is another succesful example of revitalization. This building now owned by Albanese Cormier Holdings has seen a re-birth. The spacious lobby now hosts a restaurant, bank branch, as well as a coffee lounge. We are excited for the buildings renewed success as a premier downtown office space.


The Port of Beaumont is also a leading partner in downtown development.  Recently, three railroad lines were relocated from riverfront park. The relocation will allow for riverfront (Neches River) expansion as well as more cargo space for the Port of Beaumont, one of the nation’s leading military ports. The price tag was $16 million. 

Recent Developments in Downtown Beaumont